Noise is Everywhere, 7 Degrees of Hearing Loss and more...
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September 2014

Decibel levels of everyday noisesNoise is everywhere. How do you deal with it? Does it create a dangerous environment? 

Obviously we can’t avoid noise. This article explores the parameters to help you determine acceptable — and dangerous — noise levels. Also included is complementary (and complimentary!), downloadable infographic showing the decibel level of everyday — and not so everyday — noises 

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The Acoustic Headset: A Noise Exposure Solution

Our workplaces are getting noisier and noisier. Most people have heard the word acoustics in relation to topics such as music, but acoustics play and important role in well-developed headset equipment as acoustics deal primarily with the properties of sound. 


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Intrinsically Safe

Intrinsically Safe:
A Beginner's Guide

This article discusses what it means to be intrinsically safe, why it's important, how intrinsic safety works, who should care, and how to tell if equipment is intrinsically safe.



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7-degrees-hearing-lossThe Seven Degrees of Hearing Loss 

This article explores the causes of hearing loss, along with detailing how hearing loss can impact lifestyle. Comes with a downloadable infographic detailing the detailed information about the seven degrees of hearing loss and their characteristics. One of our most popular blog articles to date!  


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